Inner Forces

Months turn and each day has felt like forever and full in the blink of an eye. Sinking into home, into rhythm … finding time to heal and recharge. Where does it all go? Just another journey through the clouds. Each moment waiting to burst with light … another surprise, here we are again like old friends, playing the dance and reflection of one another.

Here’s to all the suffering and loss we get to let go today. I am far from perfect but learning comes from a lot of mistakes. Today, I let no thoughts or emotions sway me from the present moment, I trust everything is as it should be. In the infinity of where I am, everything is whole perfect and complete. I am capable of great things, great love, great courage … and I am learning to let go and not feel the need to control others.  Today I view my childhood without shame and affirm my independence from my parents. Today I am thankful for the foods that have vitality and give me a sense of joyfulness (that being an all plant based diet that is full and rich with the nutrients needed to clean, repair, and heal by natural inner forces).  And instead of missing loved ones that are far away and being sad, I’m calling their name, sending love and smiling, for we are still together in this crazy adventure called life.

*featured photos taken at Blue Fossil Beach, NS. A rocky and red muddy beach along the bay of fundy that has so many crystals, minerals and fossils to find and adore!


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